Beit Al Salam

Was established in 1992 under the auspices of the  Syriac Catholic Diocese in Damascus

In 2000 Beit Al Salam opened a new house in the same area.

 OUR Goal

We receive mentally disabled individuals of special needs and let them work in daily workshops. These workshops help improve their abilities and make them more independent, accepted and respected by the society. The work involves individual specific programs that vary from person to person. Such productive programs help in the development of their skills and capabilities. They serve in developing the intellectual, handwork, and social skills of the targeted individuals. Through the workshops, the members of Beit Al Salam produce handmade products available for sale to the outer market. As a motive for their hard work, we provide them with monthly salaries. 

Our Financial Resources

  • Donations by benefactors 
  • Sales of the workshops products

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